Harbor Medical is a national HME that provides the Afflovest to patients across the USA!

With Harbor, it’s not NO, it’s WHEN. Contact us to learn more about the Afflovest.

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The AffloVest has been available in the USA since Oct 2013 and there are now thousands in use around the world.
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About Us

Harbor HME is based in Austin Texas and was founded in 2015. Harbor is JCAHO and Medicare accredited and is dedicated solely to providing the Afflovest to patients through Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.

Harbor Medical has partnered with International Biophysics, the manufacturer of the Afflovest and is dedicated to working with patients to get the latest in High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) therapy even if turned down by other HME/DME’s or insurance providers in the past.

Harbor HME is dedicated to helping all patients even if they been told “no” in the past. At Harbor, it’s not NO, it’s WHEN



Don’t settle for antiquated technology….

AffloVest_7Providing the latest in oscillation vest therapy, the Afflovest is the first truly portable HFCWO that doesn’t require cords or hoses and allows patients to be completely mobile during treatment.

Approximately 5-10 lbs depending on size.

Available Sizes:
Extra Extra Small, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Sizes will fit a range from 18” chest circumference up to 65+” chest circumference.

Battery Life:
Approximately 2 hours of use depending on intensity

Treatment Settings: 
Nine total setting variations; Three modes of oscillation treatment and three adjustable intensity levels.

Frequency Range:
The AffloVest ranges from 5Hz to 20 Hz. The intensity levels dictate the frequency which generally runs at 5 Hz for the lowest setting, 13 Hz for the medium setting and 20 Hz for the highest setting.



Since Harbor medical is dedicated to nothing but the Afflovest, we have the resources and expertise getting your patients qualified through the insurance process. All we need is the necessary paperwork including CMN and chart notes. You can download the CMN on this page as well as an outline of all necessary paperwork to get the process started. Harbor medical will work closely with the clinical staff and patients to make the insurance process easy.  Harbor Medical is also dedicated to on-going patient follow-up making sure the clinical staffget continued patient feedback. Talk to your Harbor representative for more details or, to design a custom follow-up plan for your patients.

The AffloVest has been available in the USA since Oct 2013 and there are now thousands in use around the world.

In addition, the Afflovest is the only HFCWO that allows for postural drainage techniques to be used without compromising effectiveness.


File Downloads:

Cooper 16 to 24 month use of AffloVest
Tackett Clinician Paper
Cooper Clinician Paper
Bronchiectasis Symptoms Flyer
Clinical Flyer
AffloVest Manual
Tackett Patient Paper
Cooper Evidence-based Study
AffloVest Medicare Guidelines
AffloVest Measuring Guidelines
AffloVest Competitive Comparison Chart
AffloVest Rx Checklist
Study Bibliography
AffloVest Trifold Brochure
Afflovest Videos | Table of Contents
Rev. C Manual- English
Rev. C Manual – French
Rev C Manual – Spanish
Rev C Manual – German

Patient Advocacy

What to do if you’ve been told you don’t qualify or can’t get an AffloVest

Have you been told “No” by a health insurance provider?

If your Health Insurance Provider denies you coverage or tells you “No”, please follow these suggested action Items:

If you have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis or a Neuro Muscular disease, you are more than likely qualified to obtain an AffloVest through your Health Insurance Provider (Private, Medicaid or Medicare).

Have your Health Insurance Provider provide you in writing their reimbursement policy for oscillation vests. If they won’t provide this or you are simply told “No”, contact Harbor Medical below to assist you.

If you have never had an oscillation vest or have had your current oscillation vest for over 60 months, then you are more than likely qualified to obtain an AffloVest through your Health Insurance Provider.

Have your Health Insurance Provider inform you specifically When you are qualified to obtain another oscillation vest or your first oscillation vest. “No” is not an acceptable answer and “Never” is not an acceptable answer. If they won’t provide you a specific date when you are qualified to obtain another oscillation vest or your first oscillation vest, contactHarbor Medical below to assist you.

To clarify, insurance regulations and federal guidelines for durable medical equipment allow the patient to receive a new oscillation vest after 60 months of having a current oscillation vest. Also, you own your current oscillation vest and may keep it. No is not an answer, When is the only acceptable answer.

Has your clinic, doctor or respiratory therapist told you “No” that they can’t or won’t write you a prescription for the AffloVest?

If your Healthcare Provider tells you “No”, please follow these suggested action items. Please let your healthcare provider know that the Afflovest is a state of the art oscillation vest and provides needed mobility and portability for the patient while giving them their prescribed oscillation therapy. The AffloVest is FDA released to market and is approved under federal reimbursement guidelines under the CMS code for oscillation vests. The AffloVest has been on the market for several years and has thousands of patients using it worldwide. Current “air bladder” vest technology dates back for over 30 years and offers no mobility during therapy treatment.

The future of oscillation vest therapy has arrived and provides true mobility and oscillation therapy together; it’s the AffloVest. Patient mobility is vitally important to your health and wellbeing. The AffloVest gives the patient both their needed oscillation therapy and their needed mobility. It’s your life and your health, get the oscillation therapy you want and need. You may also contact Harbor Medical to set up an appointment with your healthcare provider. You may attend this appointment also. In fact, ask to attend. If your healthcare provider is not personally familiar with the AffloVest and thereby hesitant to write your prescription for it, please tell them we are happy to schedule a personal visit at their office or clinic to demonstrate and train them on our AffloVest.

Contact us and let us be your Patient Advocate. Say No to No. It’s your life and your health.

It is very difficult for healthcare providers to know everything about every product, we will come to them to provide them all the information and product demonstration.

You may contact Harbor Medical to set up an appointment with your healthcare provider. You may attend this appointment also. In fact, ask to attend.

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Afflovest Videos

What is the difference between HFCWO and HFCC?

HFCWO (high frequency chest wall oscillation) and HFCC (high frequency chest compression) are analogous terms which describe the same airway clearance treatment.

Are the treatments uncomfortable or painful?

No, not at all. The Afflovest uses 8 oscillating motors to create 8 individual wave forms without the need for tight squeezing or rapid inflation and deflation.

How can a patient acquire an AffloVest?

AffloVest requires a prescription from a physician and is now available to U.S. patients throughThrough Harbor Medical Equipment.

Is AffloVest covered by insurance?

AffloVest is approved for Medicare and private health insurance reimbursement under the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code E0483 – High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation.

Can I travel with my AffloVest?

Yes. The AffloVest is lightweight and is equipped with a non-restrictive, rechargeable battery—giving the user full mobility during treatments, unlike other HFCWO vests. When not being used, the AffloVest is easy to store and easy to carry; perfect for someone who travels.

What number can I call/Fax to reach Harbor?

What are some of the advantages of the AffloVest over other systems?

AffloVest is the world’s first truly portable HFCWO vest; unlike other vests that claim to be portable, the AffloVest does not require an electrical outlet for treatments. AffloVest incorporates the newest technology, built-in oscillators that allow the user to experience treatments without a loud, bulky generator unit.

Will you have my size?

AffloVest is available in a full range of sizes—to serve both children and adults with chronic lung conditions.

Can a nebulizer treatment be given at the same time as treatment?

Nebulizer treatments can be administered while using the AffloVest, however users should first consult their physician for guidance. Because the Afflovest does not tightly “squeeze”, you can take full deep breaths while using the Afflovest.  This can help get the nebulized drug deep into the lungs

How long do treatments last?

Treatment times can vary depending on physician prescription, however they generally take 20-30 minutes and are conducted twice daily.

How much does the vest weigh?

The AffloVest weighs approximately 5-10 pounds depending on size and is the lightest device of its kind on the market.

What is the warranty for the device?

The AffloVest has limited lifetime warranty. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality standards. The warranty stipulates that proven material defects will be repaired, free of charge, during the warranty term.


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