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Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 8.38.19 AMChapter One: Overview

AffloVest: The First Portable Chest Wall Direct Oscillation Respiratory Therapy Which Contributes to Improved Lung Function.

Chapter Two: Behind the Technology

Revolutionary Approach to Respiratory Therapy Compared to Previous Devices. Enhanced Results Through Improved Technology and Therapy Compliance.

Chapter Three: How to Use

Tough and Durable. Adjustable. Multiple Functions and Levels of Intensity. Easy to Use Controller. Battery Lasts Two Full Treatments.

Chapter Four: Sizing

Sizes Range from XXS to XL.

Chapter Five: Troubleshooting

Interactive Troubleshooting Questions and Answers.

-Is the Battery Fully Charged?

-AffloVest Will Not Activate With Charged Battery

-AffloVest Will Not Activate After Extended Period of Non-Use

-Selected AffloVest Function Suddenly Switches Off

-AffloVest Automatically Turns On or Won’t Shut Off

Chapter Six: Traveling

Easy to Carry On or Check as Baggage.

Chapter Seven: Cleaning

Complete Cleaning Instructions.

Chapter Eight: Clinical Results

Multiple Studies Document Improved Lung Function, AffloVest Users Enjoying the Freedom They Deserve.